Special Services

While at our hotel, there are a few services you might need, in order to make your stay memorable. While we may not provide all these services directly, we can make recommendations based on our in-dept kowledge of the terrain.

We help you change your currency at Chesney hotel, VI, Lagos

Currency Exchange

The most commonly exchanged currencies are Naira, Dollar, Euro, Pounds and CFA. While rates are not fixed, official banking rates usually differ slightly from rates in the parallel market. Anytime you stay with us, we can help you change your currency based on the prevailing rate. This will save you the hassle of street trading.

Taxi Service

If you don't have ground transport arrangement, or your company did not provide you with a plan, then we can arrange for a taxi service for you. Most of the drivers we call have been vetted, and are people we use regularly. We will do our best to ensure your comfort and safety, hence we use only a small set of drivers.

Call a taxi from our reception
Still, you can take a trip to the beach, when you stay at chesney hotel

Trip to the Beach

Close to our hotel is a jetty that take people to Tarkwa bay. Most times, patrons who decide to just play in the beach sand usually take this trip, especially during weekends. At the jetty, you take a boat tour to the estuary (the place where the lagoon meets the ocean). This is called Tarkwa bay.