Classy Dining

Buffet, single course or even three course meals. Peruse our dining menu, make a choice and live like royalty. With years of experience and some of the best chefs in the the industry, the Chesney dining experience continues to attract patrons native to many countries. Our service also includes outdoor catering, office lunch, parties and events. You host the party, we bring the "item seven".

Lounge Indoors

After a hard days job, you just probably will like to spend some time "offline", chilling with friends in a bar, and engage in sports banter. Thats where our lounge/ bar comes in. With beer in no short supply, wine just for the asking, and other drinks on order. Temperature controlled, large screen TV on your favourite sports channel, and whatever your idea of relaxation. That's the exact description of our lounge at Chesney Hotel.

Other Facilities

In addition to the well maintained amenities in the room, we also have some very exciting facilities in and close to the hotel. Don't just sit indoors, explore the outdoors and have a feel of the city of Lagos.

Boat Rides Nearby

Free Wifi

Free Breakfast

Banks Nearby

Cable TV

Wake Up Call

Easy Booking

Bar Onsite

Cards Accepted

Hospital Nearby

Double Beds

Live Support Desk

Fitness Centre

There in no need to loose your fit body while you stay with us. At Chesney, we have a well equiped fitness center with treadmils, weights and more. Sticking your 5km morning run just got easier, and when you are done, hitting the showers will sound like a great idea. The gym is exclusive for the guests of Chesney hotel.